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Musli Pak

Ultra Musli Pak is prepared from farm fresh White Musli, Makardhwaja, pure cow ghee along with twenty-five other tried and tested ayurvedic herbs and ingredients which makes it one of the most potent and effective tonics for males and females of all ages. It boosts immunity; and helps enhance stamina, vitality, virility, fertility, general physical strength and reduces stress.

Dosage: 1 to 2 teaspoonful preferably with hot milk or as prescribed by your physician.

Packing: 250 gms.

M.R.P. Rs. 700 (incl. of all taxes)

Ultra Chyawanprash Special

Chyawanprash is the universally accepted natural tonic for healing, rejuvenating and restorative purposes. It is considered as one of the most unique and unrivaled classical formulas of the Indian traditional and medicinal system of Ayurveda, popularly known as "the science of life" and recognized by the World Health Organization as one of the most ancient in existence.
Studies have proved the healing properties of Chyawanprash, which possesses amazing and incredible ability as a tonic that prevents and treats the most common diseases of our times. Ultra Chyawanprash Special comprises a time tested and unique formulation of herbs and minerals, which, most importantly, includes pure cow milk Ghee and fresh Amla pulp.

The major health benefits of our Chawanprash are:

  • Activates the immune system, increases human body resistance to various diseases.
  • Removes the mal-effects of stress, depression, chronic fatigue, pollution, etc.
  • Rids blood, liver, intestines, pancreas of toxins.
  • Improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Normalizes the endocrine system.
  • Improves blood properties, increases hemoglobin and reduces cholesterol level.
  • Normalizes blood pressure, strengthens the heart muscles.
  • Helps brain function, enhances memory and improves learning ability.
  • Normalizes the body's metabolic processes, contributes to weight correction.

  • Pure Ghee

    Desi cow milk Ghee has a very long and rich history. It has been used in Indian cooking for thousands of years. Cow Ghee is considered as satvik food and possesses several health benefits. Its regular consumption enhances physical and mental strength and besides its nutritive value is helps in cleansing the body, keeps muscles and tendons healthy and bones supple yet strong. Our Ghee is made from pure and fresh cow milk using traditional methods. The cows are well cared for and enjoy a stress free open environment. They are given fodder and concentrated produce from our own farmlands along with clean water to ensure their healthy state.

    Medicated Ghee

    This is 10-year old Pure cow milk Ghee, which bestows additional health benefits for various mental disorders, such as headaches, migraine, epilepsy, aids memory among several others.

    Herbal Plantation

    Spread over 100 acres our herbal plantation consists of Safed Musli, Ashwagandha, Kaucha, Shankapushpi, Shatavari, Jivanti and several other herbs that are useful and necessary for Ayurvedic formulations.

    Medicinal herbal plantation has been done under matured trees and along with other tree plantation. Since the farm spreads over a large area, the place displays many varieties of different medicinal plants on aesthetically designed herbal beds.

    Landscaping has been given important consideration for the development of this farm. Meandering walkways and aesthetically designed herbal beds add to the beauty. Effective use of locally available raw material has been made resulting in a soothing design that blends with the natural forest surroundings. Presence of water bodies and circuitous walkways add aesthetic appeal.

Ayurvedic Formulations

All traditional herbal formulations deliver the perfect advantages of universal ayurvedic remedy, in complete harmony with nature herself! Ayurveda teaches you to live in such a manner that the disease process does not occur in the first place.

Shatdouth Gritha

Shathdouth Ghrita or 100 times washed ghee is used frequently in treating skin diseases in Ayurveda.

Brahmi Gritha

Brahmi Ghrita is an excellent tonic for the brain, Indicated in epilepsy, insanity and memory weakness. No doubt Brahmi is the most excellent natural source available for increasing the mental performance and enhancing the brain skills.

Ashwagandha Gritha

Ashwagandha roots blended in Cow's Ghee (clarified butter oil) Ghrita as base. Ashwagandha is an immunity enhancing, anti oxidant and stress alleviator herb. It helps in fatigue, impotency and waning memory.

Jivanti Gritha

Jivanti with several other herbs mixed in a base of Ghee Ghrita. Jivanti is a restorative and general tonic.


Sanjivani Emu Farm

Spread over a very large land area, our farm is located about 7 kms. from Bodeli near Baroda in Gujarat. We, presently, have a population of over 200 Emu birds, which will surely grow in the coming months. Our repertoire is vast and we offer several services, principal among them, include Emu eggs, Emu chicks and Emu birds with genetically sturdy DNA.

Backed by an adequately qualified personnel, trained labourers and state-of-the-art machnery and equipments, we have accomplished commendable expertise and mastery in Emu Farming and one day very soon, our aim is to make the Emu bird as common a name as the chicken in India. Significant development work is proposed in the near future. Please visit the Sanjivani Emu Farm website by clicking here. (The link will open in a new window.)

Dairy Farm

In addition to our Emu farm, we have recently established our dairy farm and have livestock of about 100 cows and 50 goat. The milk produced is used in extracting clarified butter and subsequently the Grith. Manure output (cow-dung) is used to fuel our Gobar gas plant and the resultant slurry used as natural fertilizer for our herbal plantation. We have ample supply of potable water from a natural well as also a couple of bore-wells on the farm property.

About Us

Sanjivani Farms

Our company is established in the business of Herbal Agriculture and related Research & Development work on Ayurveda and Ayurvedic treatments. We are also pleased to present our ambitious Health & Wellness Resort at Sanjivani Farms which offers excellent Ayurvedic health solutions.

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